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been luring for a bit & thought i should join up & say hello.

about me....i've been a star trek fan since birth (practically) a star wars fan not long thereafter & a stargate: sg-1 fan since it was put into syndication. i'm a book geek/nerd having read a small library's worth in my lifetime. mostly star trek novels, but i like other sci-fi novels as well as fiction in general & some non-fiction too.
i have a small collection of star trek & star wars merchandise. nothing spectacular, mostly action figures.

i'm a bit of a history geek too, can't quote facts & figures, but i like reading about ancient rome, greece & egypt. i love those programs about them on pbs & the history channel.

while i like comics; x-men, bat man, superman, etc. i never really got "into them." mostly watched the animated series though.

well i guess that's about it.
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Today marks Memorial Day in the United States. But two lesser known holidays are also honored on May 25th-- Geek Pride and Towel Day!!

So after you honor the fallen, wounded, and hard fought soldiers who helped us have the freedoms we possess today -- HONOR YOUR GEEK WITHIN. Oh, and don't panic. Bring a towel.

I am a Geek of the pop-culture and audio/video-phile persuasion. A movie buff since way back when, I enjoy the classic musicals to the best 1950's sci-fi to the landmarks in horror films (Lon Chaney, Boris Korloff, Vincent Price, etc.) to Star Trek (old and new) to animated movies.

I am also a lover of all things SHINY. Whether that's my trusty Macbook, my insane iPod, my flippy cellphone, a brand new Moleskine or Lamy fountain pen (not all things shiny are electronics), or a brand new pair of circular knitting needles with a stash of yummy Malabrigo yarn.

Not much into fanfic; however, I am a fan of Wonder Woman, BtVS, Harry Potter, and Supernatural. I collect comic books and my fandom has crossed over into prop replicas (Orb of Thesila, right here!), bookends, Angel puppets, figurines, a few bobble-heads, and anything else I can find.

My book shelf is crammed with Gaiman, Adams, Pratchett, Briggs, Zimmer-Bradley, Murphy and anyone else who can satisfy my urban fantasy, twisted world craving. My two favorite books of all time are "The Firebrand" and "American Gods".

And this is simply just the beginning. I'm also into pirates (annual pirate festival here in the city where I get all gussied up) and the steampunk flair.

I suppose I've rambled on long enough. Time to get our geek on. :)


May. 24th, 2009 10:36 pm
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Hi everyone!  Love that there is a community like this.

My geekiness tends to be directed more towards the written end of the nerd world, but I do love Star Trek: Enterprise and of course the new film, Star TrekIron Man has become a favorite of mine as well.  I RP with a friend on a regular basis in these two genres and I write lots of fanfic and original stuff.  Oh, and I'm in love with the whole Terminator franchise, but this is a result of my dad showing us the movies for years since we were nine.

I love my MacBook to death, but admittedly I do have a PC for work.  I'm working to learn Crystal Reports.  Anyone have any good sites for some test databases to download?

Oh, um.....not sure if this counts, but I do have all the Twilight books and I did seen the Twilight movie on opening weekend.  It's the secret evil my friend, Raine, and I share together.  I do watch and read some Manga, but again this was with Raine.

I'm very new to Dreamwidth, but I have a regular journal on LiveJournal too.  Just looking for some new people to talk to and get to know.  I'm pretty open to just about anything.

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Hi all! Just adding to the queue of introduction posts.

My geekiness tends to be concerned with media, though I've also tossed in a certain amount of science and history in there as well. I was pretty much doomed to be a geek from birth, as my entire family are geeks. It's entirely impossible for me to pick a single book, show, anime, genre, or character as being my favorite; I have too many of each that I love. I do a little bit of everything and can seem a little ADD because of it.

Looking forward to all the great geek girl talk!
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I'm not quite sure where I learned to be a geek. I think it just sort of developed all on its own. Though, if pressed, I could say my uncle (mom's youngest brother) is a bit of a geek and has always enabled that in me.

I haven't had much time to be a geek lately. I'm kept pretty busy being the mom of an almost-three-year old little boy, so my geekiness has regressed to tinker toys and play-doh sculptures. But, prior to this, I thoroughly enjoyed science fiction (books and TV) with the root of that being Star Trek: TNG. I'm still going through withdrawal from the conclusion of Battlestar Galactica (2003). And, it's been far too long since I've done any real tinkering inside of a computer - installing a wifi card in a desktop a few months ago can hardly count ;)

I'm a casual gamer these days (love my Wii!) but used to be quite an avid gamer - dating all the way back to the Commodore and Atari 2600 (which I still have a working system). I got my start with computer programming in Basic on my old Atari 1200, and progressed as far as QBasic for the PC. I learned to write HTML code by hand in Notepad and still prefer to write it out that way. Unfortunately, my programming days are long gone and I'm left behind in the world of CSS and Java.

Probably the "geekiest" point of my life was the summer between my Junior and Senior years in High School. I was an intern at NASA Glenn (then NASA Lewis). I wrote computer programs to statistically analyze flight test data from fiber-optic temperature sensors. It was the best job (other than being a Mom, of course) that I've ever had. I miss it quite a lot, but other interests have pulled me in a different direction.

Hopefully, as my son grows up (and geeks-out like a good little boy) I'll be able to spend more time indulging my inner geek. But, for now, I'm happy to soak it up where I can, and this community looks like a great place for that.

ETA: I'd be remiss if I forgot to mention that I'm married to a sci-fi loving, comic book reading, gamer. We may not have a whole lot in common, but we're definitely both geeks.
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Well, if everyone else is going to introduce themselves, I'm totally jumping off that cliff too. :)

I'm an odd she-geek, in that I'm not a big Star Wars fan. More of a Trek, Firefly, SG1, SGA, Terminator, Supernatural(oh Dear God, I just admitted that in public didn't I?) fan. Who also collects comics (Ultimates, Ultimate X-Men, Buffy:season eight, Angel:After the Fall, and my current obsession:Runaways).

I'm also anti-tech. Mostly because I am old, and this new fangled blinking, and beeping is confusing to my prehistoric mind.

Reading wise I'm a big fan of urban fantasy (Walker Papers, Women of the Other World, Dresden Files, etc.)

I'm from Canada, and since North America, possibly the world?(have to look into that) just had free comic book day,and Wolverine just came out my week is pretty much made.


May. 5th, 2009 08:41 am
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Hi, I'm cAt.

It's funny, I don't really think of myself as geeky.  But a couple of weeks ago I installed Gentoo on a secondary hard drive just for fun.  So, yanno, I guess it's relative.

I just like tinkering with things and finding out how they work.  I think most of my geek stuff is computer related... I keep a Windoze partition on my desktop PC solely so I can play Sims 2 once every few months.  *haha*  But, you know, I'll take just about anything apart to have a look, if I think (hope) I can put it back together.

People who are afraid to open their cases to dust scare me.  They're the majority, and I tend to forget that.

I want a shirt that says, "No, I will not fix your computer", but then I think it's probably redundant because people rarely ask.  I assume it's because I'm female.  People ask my husband to fix their computers all the time.  Actually as far as stereotypes are concerned, I get that more from other women than from men.

I live in household of two adults and one toddler, and we have four computers between us - and it's still nowhere near enough. 

I preface my requests with "sudo" when I really want my husband to do something without argument.  (And yes, that comes from xkcd).
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Hello all.

Hmm, about me. I suck at introductions, for one. They always come off sounding like an AA meeting or something (not that AA meetings are bad, they're just scripted).

So anywho, I've been a geek since my dad gave me my first computer when I was like 8. Many breaks and "dad! Can you help?" phone calls later, I was able to work on my own computers and eventually used what I learned to land a job on Geek Squad. I now work as an application and web developer for a somewhat small, but growing and respected consulting company (and have been blessed with a diverse group of coworkers and awesome upper management that encourage women in the field).

I'm very much a computer nerd and drool over I7s and SLI cards with some of the best of the boys, as much as I drool over the new CSS standard specifications and Microsoft or Java technologies.

I'm into some anime, but am picky about it and have come to despise "Americanized" versions of both anime and manga, which eliminates a lot of manga until I get rich and famous and have the time and money to learn Japanese, and leaves me with fan subbed anime. :)

I'm a bookworm, as well, though my collection isn't nearly as large as many people I know (in part because I weeded out a lot of books and donated a bunch to a local library before going to college). My collection includes everything from religious books to drawing books to fantasy and fiction, and I hope I'm able to continue growing my collection.

I'm also a somewhat light gamer. I say somewhat because I don't play a lot of different games, but the ones that I get into, I get really into. I prefer RPG and RTS games, with some of my favorites being World of Warcraft (me and half the world), Star Wars: Force Unleashed, Sins of a Solar Empire, and Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War.

Sunfell talked about stereotypes in a previous post and how there's a lot of disbelief that women can be geeks. I've been fortunate enough to not be on the more hostile end of the disbelief spectrum and instead be on the more humorous side of things. Those who play online games, such as WoW, are probably familiar with voice chat, and everyone knows about the androgynous nature of the Internet. I find it rather amusing when a group hears one of their female group members talk on voice chat for the first time, since it's almost always met with a "whoa! It's a chick!" response (especially if the guys are younger). Thankfully, most of them get over their surprise pretty quick and don't harbor any bigotry.

Alright, I think that's enough about me. I'm starting to feel like I'm being kind of self-centered, so I think I'll stop here.


Apr. 14th, 2009 09:44 am
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Wow, I see people signed up. Welcome to the community. It's a place for those of us of the female and geeky persuasions to talk about our interests without fear of being mocked.

I'm [personal profile] kageneko and I'm a gamer girl with a love of photography and web design and building my own computers. You?

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