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maybe you know this story already.

way back in 1981 three boys were inspired by raiders enough to remake it shot for shot (mostly) and word for word (mostly). armed with a home movie camera (betamax then later VHS)photos from magazines, the published screenplay, storybooks, making-of publications, action figures, an illicit recording of the soundtrack from smuggling in a cassette recorder into a movie theater showing raiders when re-released in 1982, over 600 individual detailed storyboards than one of them drew & determination. it took nearly 8 years an $3,000-$5,000 but they did it.
through it all the production survived their leading lady moving, the director's broken arm, endless re-shoots and puberty. the result isn't box-office gold, but it's good enough considering they had little idea how to make a movie. eric zala as belloq is just as good as the original IMHO. my hat's off to these guys, how many of us wanted to make a movie as kids be didn't have the wherewithal to do it.

for more info on this, check out the raiders: adaption section at the indiana jones wiki

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